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Dragonfly Reiki Circle


Full Membership

Being a Full Member means that

a) you have a say and a vote in the running of the Circle,

b) Reiki Shares are Free regardless of venue,

c) Reiki 2 and 3 courses are discounted by 15%

d) All Mini Courses are included in membership

The cost is £10 per month payable by Standing Order. Click the button to send us an email of your intentions  and we will send you the bank details so that you can set up a Standing Order..





Child Practitioners who are the children of Full Members receive Honorary Full Membership up to age 18 or until they complete full time education.


Associate Membership

Being an Associate Member means that you are entitled to attend Reiki Shares but will pay the attendance fee which will vary depending on the choice of venue. There are no other benefits.

There is no cost involved.

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