Spring Courses

Introduction to Mindfulness


8 Evenings


Tuesday 14th June 2022

It's an eight-week Introduction to Mindfulness and includes teaching, discussion and mindfulness meditation practice. 

We live in a time of great stress and anxiety.      This course teaches you how to bring your life back under your own control. It provides you with the tools to bring peace into your own life.

  Usual Fee is £160






Blue Lotus Full Members: £60

Dragonfly Reiki Healing Circle Full Members: £60

(£7.50 a week)


Non Members £120



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Course Content

Introduction to Mindfulness

Unit 1:    

The Way to Inner Peace:           

The Keys to Mindfulness.

Evidence of its efficacy

Simple Practice Steps in Three Stages

Daily Practice

Unit 2:    

Caught in a Trap:


Defending the Ego: The Need to be Right

Breaking the Power of the Ego

Fear of change: why? It is necessary!

Overcoming Fear

Causing Our Own Pain

Moving From Head to Heart

Unit 3:  

Past, Present and Future:

Key Concepts of Mindfulness:

Living in the Present Moment

Butterfly Minds and Solutions


Being Non-judgmental 

Practical Steps

Unit 4:  


Mindfulness and our unease:             

Being Controlled by the Mind

Awareness and Emotional Freedom

Anxiety, Worry and Stress               

Being Haunted by Past Events             

Unit 5:     

In the Context of Buddhism:

A Buddhist perspective on ‘Dukkha’ (our unease):                 

The Four Noble Truths and the 8-fold Path to overcome our unease -  specifically, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration  


Unit 6:     

Mindfulness and The Imagination:            

Sleepless Nights and Wild Imaginings             

Negative and Positive Uses of the Imagination

Satipatthana and its Practice

The Four Noble Truths

Body and Mind are One

Unit 7:     

Mindful Boundaries: 

Narayana’s Tale 

Physical Boundaries       

Effect of Poorly Defined Emotional Boundaries             

Setting Boundaries             

Dealing with Conflict

Unit 8:     

The Practice of Mindfulness in Daily Life:            

Awareness and Remaining Awake         

Many Meditation Methods          

A Plan for the future            

Course Conclusion

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