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Acharya Malcolm

Why Acharya M.?

Quite simply, Acharya means Teacher. So: Malcolm the Teacher

Acharya M.

I'm Malcolm and this website reflects most of what I believe: Buddhism, life and death, spirituality, healing and my own journeys towards spiritual enlightenment and true self-knowledge.


Once upon a time, when I was just 16, I was accepted by the Church to become an Anglican priest and I was very active in the church of my choice, St Edmund's in Dudley. I served at Mass every weekday morning at 7.00 am and was even chosen to be Sub-Deacon at a festival tridentine Mass. I loved the dressing up, the incense, candles and the music. It was at this church, of course, the I met Ann and we became 'an item', on a pilgrimage one Whitsun Bank Holiday to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Well it was a long time ago! Everyone knew I was to be a Priest. Some didn't expect me to have a girlfriend!

 I first began to doubt the historical existence of 'Jesus Christ' during my studies at College. I became a non-believer but I retained an interest in spiritual matters. Needless to say my decision to change my path created shockwaves in the Church community and beyond!

After three wonderful years at Chester College (now Chester University), I started my career as an English teacher and enjoyed teaching children of secondary school age. Eventually I got promoted to become a Head of English, first in a Catholic school and then a Community School in a deprived area of Wolverhampton but I didn't want to do that forever. Something was missing from my life.


Restless for change, in 1983 I joined a small financial services company in Wolverhampton and eventually became one of its Directors. At one time we had over 1000 people on the payroll: my specialty was sales and management training. Later I became an Associate Training Director of a subsidiary of Citicorp, New York. I worked in quite a senior capacity in financial services until I retired but I was never truly happy. Something was missing from my life.

My Beliefs

An event happened at about the age of 7 or 8. Walking home with my mother from a visit to my grandmother's house in Putney I heard someone call my name. I stopped and turned but there was no-one to be seen.  My mother told me to keep up with her and with me holding her hand we walked on. Someone called my name again. Once more I stopped and mother wanted to know what was wrong. I told her, Someone called my name. We both stopped still. No-one in sight. It was God calling you, my mother said. I remembered that conversation about four years ago, after receiving Reiki for the first time.

I've always been spiritual: that goes way back to my early childhood when Church in our family was a way of life. Three times each Sunday, we went to church as I sang in the church choir. I was only nine when I found myself leading a prayer group on one occasion. The group was mainly adults. I had prepared a presentation using a 'Magic Lantern' projector and included my favourite prayers. I had discovered a propensity for teaching!

I rediscovered my spirituality whilst working, first for eight months in Beijing, China and then for almost two years in Seoul, South Korea. What brought me there?  The details are irrelevant but I had (with four other Directors) been involved in a dispute with an American Insurance company and they had blacklisted us, amongst other things, which prevented us from working in the UK. During the five years it took to get our case heard in the High Court in London I resorted to joining an offshore company working with ex-pats in matters of pensions, investments and so on. By the way, we won our case and received substantial damages.

Living in both Korea and China and having the opportunity to visit Japan on various business trips meant I became very familiar with Temples. After the novelty wore off, I found them to be places of refuge and quiet. I began to be greatly interested in Buddhism. As soon as I returned permanently to the UK, I completed a correspondence course with the Buddhist Society and the rest, as they say, is history. I had practiced meditation for many years beforehand as a way of dealing with stress and anxiety but it was one afternoon in Tenbury Wells that reconnected me with my childhood and teens in a very spiritual way.

I returned fully to my spiritual (not religious)  life, after meeting a Reiki Master at the Tenbury Wellness Centre. Our paths crossed just when I was going through yet another personal existential crisis and Alison persuaded me to participate in some of the Centre's activities. I was introduced to Reiki Healing and also in the spiritual development group, met  Penny, a Buddhist priest, who developed my Buddhist practice and set me on my current path. 

Practising Buddhism but not attending any Temple I follow the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh, Lama Surya Das and the Dalai Lama. I believe passionately that Love is at the centre of all things temporal and spiritual and is the nature of the Universal Life Force. Love shows itself in Lovingkindness and care for others. At the centre of my practice is Reiki, a form of healing that has its roots in Japan and can only be practiced deeply if one is One with that Universal Energy or Om as it is known in Buddhist teachings.

I believe we should all be caring for people, either welcoming refugees, healing the sick, comforting the bereaved, feeding the poor - regardless of their colour or creed or where they happen to live in the world. We are one people and one world. My path is Reiki healing and 'Reiki Buddhism' and I now have many clients, a community of fellow meditators and a Reiki Circle that I am privileged to be involved with.

After becoming a Reiki Master, I set up the Stourport Healing Circle and the Mindfulness Academy. We took on the Dragonfly name in 2020 in order to widen its appeal.

Professionally I am privileged to have been accepted as a member of The Reiki Guild. I'm also a member of The Reiki Healing Association and Shibumi International Reiki Association.


I hope you enjoy the website and that it will be of some help to you now and in the future - to give you hope and inspiration.