Blue Lotus

We are a community of people who try to live according to the Buddha's teaching   

by following the Eightfold Path.

We do not subscribe to any of the various Buddhist schools but are an independent group.

We meet at the Mindfulness Centre at Elms Green every Monday evening from 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm for a Mindfulness Meditation which includes readings, dharma, meditations, songs and mantras. 

There is a lunchtime meditation  every Tuesday and Friday at 12.30pm - 1.15pm

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You can become a Member of Blue Lotus and attend the weekly Thursday evening Dharma and Meditation meeting held currently at Orchard Cottage but soon to be moved to a venue nearer to the conurbation of Stourport, Bewdley and Kidderminster.

Full membership is £5 a month by Standing Order. This enables us to go forward with confidence in the hiring of venues and to cover all costs. You have full voting rights when decisions need to be made. You receive discounts for Retreats and other events. You have access to the video library. Receive a big reduction on cost of all Blue Lotus courses.



As an Associate Member, you can attend the weekly Monday, Tuesday and Friday meditation as a Visitor on an ad hoc basis for £5 per attendance.  You can attend our Retreats but at the full price.

You can remain as a ‘Friend’ of Blue Lotus on our Facebook page. We will  continue to provide interesting articles, news feeds and occasional videos



Interest in Buddhism is growing steadily worldwide, especially from people seeking answers in this current global age of clashing       ideologies fanatical strife and senseless violence. 

Why is this interest growing so quickly, especially in the West?

Perhaps it is because more and more people now realize that Buddhism is a Teaching that emphasizes compassion, tolerance and moderation and provides a clear path for spiritual and personal development. Further, it has no room for blind faith or unthinking worship.

It encourages questions and Investigations into its own teachings, requiring us to take full responsibility for all of our actions.

Buddhism can be approached realized and experienced, with    immediate results.

Thich Nhat Hanh says that you can be a Christian and still follow the teachings of Buddha. He says that sincere followers of other faiths are also rewarded in the afterlife.


Lastly, Buddhism is very much in harmony with modern science.

Meditation alone does not bring lasting happiness. This is achieved by following the Eight-fold path.

You can learn all about Buddhism in our ‘Introduction to Buddhism’ course and then you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to follow the teachings in a more committed way.

Being a follower of the Buddha's teaching is fun. Come and find out why!

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